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They went headlong into the arena of price discounts, which eroded their ability to invest in their core competence. This last holiday season, for example, many brick and mortar retailers slashed prices, assuming that deals — and only deals — could lure back shoppers. Research suggests this may reflect perception, not reality. A recent study by MIT researchers looked at whether buying online versus offline is always cheaper. The answer is no . The website Clark also looked at prices on key items at T.J. Maxx and Amazon and found T.J. Maxx’s prices were often substantially lower than those of the online superstore. My research examines the influence of various seller resources on buyer satisfaction and showcases the power of the human facet. We found that the most effective sellers are those with the ability to understand a buyer’s perspective and respond accordingly. Thus, a focus on price to the exclusion of other factors is unlikely to be a solution for brick-and-mortar outlets.

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